Serving the medical community since 1979
Serving the medical community since 1979
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Since medicine is not always an exact science, diagnosis and procedural codes are imperative to accurately identify patient needs and later bill for patient care. The most efficient medical practices find that a review of charge slips by a certified medical coder significantly reduces rejected claims due to improper coding. Careful scrutiny of proper codes and modifiers prior to submission helps ensure maximum allowable reimbursement and improves turnaround time from the payer.

With an average of 30% of claims being rejected nationally, doctors are being forced to spend more time supervising their billing offices and reconciling claims, time, which could be used treating patients. Additionally, 50% of rejected claims will never be reworked costing medical providers tens of thousands of dollars each year in lost revenue. Accurate coding is the first step in maintaining a healthy revenue cycle for your office.

Proper medical coding ensures the physicians’ time is properly accounted and the patient record is correctly maintained. Although important, the transfer of a medical code to a super bill is a tedious and time consuming task often left for the last minute and done in a rush. MB Medical billing was founded in 35 years of experience in medical coding, billing and claims management.

We will help your office maximize revenue by:

  • Consulting with your staff on the most current coding practices
  • Scrutinizing super bills for accuracy
  • Processing super bills and submitting for payment
  • Promptly managing any rejections


In an era of heightened regulations, tightened budgets, government reform and decreased carrier payouts, the constant balance between providing quality patient care and managing a profitable medical practice has become harder and difficult to maintain. While medical advances are rapidly allowing physicians to provide better care, creating revenue doing the work you love is becoming increasingly harder. This begs the question for all physicians: Who is taking care of me when I am taking care of my patients?
This is how prompt and precise billing is imperative to any medical practice. Managing your revenue cycle is tedious and cumbersome but must be done. Rather than hiring another employee wasting valuable assets to train and pay them, a medical billing agency will relieve you of your stress.

By partnering with a qualified medical billing agency, you can save yourself the hassles of billing in-house, saving time and money while letting experienced billing experts work on your behalf to make sure you benefit from the maximum reimbursement for your services. 
At MB Medical Billing Services, Inc. we built our foundation in medical billing through billing offices of medical practices, major hospitals and some of the largest benefit providers in the world. We focus on your business needs allowing you to focus on your patients’ needs.

As your billing office we will:

  • Submit claims electronically within 24hrs of receipt
  • Bill patient responsibility including co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance.
  • Follow up on denied claims and re-bill accordingly within 24hrs
  • Our fees are based on a contingency so you are guaranteed fast and accurate billing.


Just as finding a good doctor can be a daunting task for a patient, maintaining a loyal patient list is an even harder task for medical practices. The best doctor-patient relationships are built on a foundation of communication, trust and understanding. As the owner of a medical practice you wear many hats. You must balance your responsibilities as a physician with your responsibilities as a business owner and in addition to your desire to build lasting relationships with your patients. After tactfully walking the tight rope between building a successful medical practice and maintaining a loyal patient list, you can’t risk alienating your patients during the collections process. 

By outsourcing your collections to a third party you can benefit by making a clear distinction between you as a doctor and you as the business owner. Your business will benefit from prompt collections without risking your relationship with your patients. Additionally, you will benefit from time and employee related cost associated with collections time that can be reinvested into growing your business and focusing on patient care. MB Medical Billing Services, Inc. will work with you and your patients to promptly and effectively collect any outstanding patient balances. First we work with you to establish a collection policy and payment guidelines. Then we work with your patients as an independent extension of your billing office providing you distance from the collection process while assuring your patients that they are still working with an affiliate of your medical practice. By teaming with MB Billing Services, Inc. as your collections resource, we will focus on the collections process so you can focus on patient care.

The first months of operation are the most critical let us help with growing your practice. MB Medical Billing offers expert credentialing advice and can help you save time and money when dealing with starting your new practice. We will determine the current credentialing requirements of the practice location and credential the providers. Additionally, we will demonstrate the process for applying for and obtaining National Provider Identification (NPI) Number assigned by Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS).


New Practice Credentialing

We are here to help you with every step of credentialing your new office including:

  • In office consultations on the most updated and profitable collection & coding practices (based on Medicare guidelines, CPT , ICD-9 & ICD-10) for maximized returns
  • Filing with payers
  • Submitting all necessary paperwork.
  • Existing Practice Credentialing

    Whether it’s moving to a new office or opening additional locations, comes with its own unique and time consuming challenges. As a successful medical professional your time is in constant demand. So how do you maintain the level of service your existing patients have come to rely on with the seemingly endless responsibilities of expanding your medical practice.
    By partnering with one of our practice management consultants we can help you mitigate employee costs saving time and money that can be used to expand your existing practice.

    We will provide assistance throughout the whole process including:

  • Determining the current credentialing requirements of the new location and credentialing the providers
  • Applying for and obtaining additional National Provider Identification (NPI) Numbers (as necessary)
  • Informing your patient database of your new location(s) at no additional cost to your practice
  • Filing and submitting all necessary paperwork with payers
  • Consulting new staff on the most updated and profitable collection & coding practices (based on Medicare guidelines, CPT , ICD-9 & ICD-10) for maximized returns



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